Telenor WhatsApp Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

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Telenor WhatsApp Packages are the most popular packages also offer you a full range of services with several WhatsApp packages. Furthermore, today the social media is very popular. So, we need to keep ourselves away from the current events, which can only happen if we stay in touch with them.

This network gives you a brilliant and exciting WhatsApp package that you can enable to stay in touch with current events.

Telenor WhatsApp Packages

The Telenor WhatsApp Packages are not limited to 1 day to 30 days, and they can offer you a wide range of packages that you can easily activate at your convenience. Every package is very different in the price and the validation. So, you can pick the one that you have been waiting for.

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Package Name
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Free On-Net Mins
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Free Off-Net Mins
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Free SMS
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Free MBs
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Telenor Daily Social Pack 50 1 Day
Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package 1500 30 Days
Telenor Full Day Offer 150 1 Day
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Offer 1000 70 700 450 7 Days
Telenor Whatsapp and Monthly Social Pack 10000 3000 30 Days
Telenor 3 Day Sahulat Offer 250 25 150 3 Days
Telenor Whatsapp Monthly Package Social Pack Plus 10000 5000 30 Days

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