Ufone Self Care | Ufone E-Care – Features, User Guide & Sign Up

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Ufone self-care gives you a fantastic offer for the ease of its users. By subscribing to this offer, you can get the activated bundle details and catch the call history of your mobile phone easily.

The primary function of Ufone Self Care gives you exact and authentic information about the Ufone package services. Ufone provides you with a fantastic service by which you can easily manage your sim online in a good way.

Ufone Self Care

The Ufone Self Care is a fantastic way of service with multiple features. The Ufone users easily avail the detail of SMS also the Super Cards family details, and many other packages that you are subscribed to that you want to subscribe to.


  1. The Ufone Self Care and the E-Care are used for the informative purpose that gives you complete detail about every package of Ufone.
  2. E-Care has covered each aspect of the mobile service that is accessible by the Ufone if gives you great knowledge about the SMS package and the Call Packages and the internet packages.
  3. The complaint is associated with billing, packages, and the other facilities that can be forwarded with the help of the Ufone E-Care that you can check all the replies of your complaint with E-Care.
  4. The Postpaid users quickly find out the Ufone E-Care beneficial app for themselves. They can easily catch the delivery details of billing, transaction, credit, and duplicate billing.
  5. Ufone E-Care provides you with all the details of your balance, how much balance you can use, and how much balance is remaining.
  6. The Prepaid customers easily avail all the details of Super Cards.
  7. Ufone users can easily check out the complete details about the currently subscribed package through E-Care.
  8. Sharing balance is not an easy thing to do. With the help of Ufone E-Care, you can easily enjoy this facility and easily share the balance with your friends and family members at the time of need without any problem.
  9. All the users of Ufone E-Care enjoy complete details about the FNF Numbers, Tariffs to easily change the package and shift the credit limit.

Ufone Self Care/ E-Care Registration Method

  • First, you can go to the Ufone E-Care Account Page.
  • Then you can fill in to complete the registration process.
  • You can put your complete name with your Ufone mobile number.
  • You can write your valid email address.
  • Also, fill in the correct CNIC and Passport number.
  • Then you can choose a unique username.
  • Create your strong password, and then write it down.
  • By providing all the necessary information, you can click on the Continue and follow further instructions.

Sign up for the Ufone Self Care

To quickly get the benefits from the services of the Ufone E-Care, firstly, you must sign up for this. For signing, the process below shows you the complete instructions.

  1. First, you can go to the official website of Ufone and then go to the section of E-Care.
  2. Then you must give the name, email and the mobile number also the CNIC number to the mentioned places there.
  3. You can select a username for easy access to the Ufone E-care.
  4. Then click the Continue for the next.
  5. After clicking, you can receive the confirmation code on your mobile phone to link it to your email address. So, you can write the confirmation code into the given space of the E-Care section, and then you can press and continue to get access to your account.
  6. Then you are singing in for the E-Care section; then, you can go and explore the details and facilitate the Ufone E-Care that gives to you.

Ufone Self Care-Usage Guide

  • All the offers and services are categorized into different sections. For more details, you must click the category. For example, you can press those packages for further information for checking the Package details.
  • You want to check the call history, then click on Call history.
  • Ufone Self-care provides you Start Date and End Date.
  • After a few hours, the call history will be shown on your screen.
  • To easily access the other features of Ufone E-Care, you can easily follow the same steps.

Note: The Ufone Helpline number is 333.

Terms and Conditions

  • After 10 minutes of inactivity, the online page will be closed automatically.
  • Unknown and unwanted numbers are easily reported by sending the number to 9000-PTA.
  • You must follow all the Terms and conditions.

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