Zong WhatsApp Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

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The Zong WhatsApp Packages can be used to connect with your friends and far relatives. All the packages are very famous among young people as they need to connect with your friends easily, and you need to update with the world. These packages are very convenient. Also, Zong offers you numerous social bundles that are very interesting and amazing.


Zong WhatsApp Packages

Zong WhatsApp Packages you can only use in WhatsApp. And sometimes customers get lots of other different benefits from these types of packages, so let’s look at the packages that are explained to you below.

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Package Name
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Free On-Net Mins
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Free Off-Net Mins
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Free SMS
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Free MBs
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Zong Monthly WhatsApp and SMS Package 15000 900 30 Days
Zong Whatsapp Monthly Package 5000 30 Days
Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer 40000 30 Days

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